Why would I buy a wedding gown online?

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Benefits of buying a wedding gown online:
• More styles to choose.
• More reasonable price.
• You can have a cup of tea as you are searching for your favorite style.
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And what’s more?
Listen to what others say:

                                     (All messages bellow are quoted from internet)

“I am planning a wedding on an extremely tight and small budget. I was looking on line and wondering if it was safe to buy a dress from an on-line company. Has any else done it? Do you think it a good idea?”
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“I think it is way smart because you can get them much cheaper..I would maybe run a size larger then find an inexpensive seamstress to do the altering for you. You can alter bigger but not smaller.”
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“What I did is try on dresses in the shops, and when I found the one, I looked it up on the internet and bought it online, correct size and everything.
Is way better, u can save A LOT.
good luck, and congrats!”
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“Buy a gown online is smart. Just try on the styles of dresses that you like so that you will also have the correct size. Then find a reliable online company, Good Luck. ”
… …

“My wife and I were in the same boat as you as far as being tight on finances when we got married. She took a chance and found a BEAUTIFUL wedding dress online. $100!
Didn’t even have to get it altered. Yeah, sounds crazy but totally worked out.”
… …

“Wedding dress sizes are weird. Different designers have different sizing so one designer dress could be a size 2 and but another designer could require you to wear a size 8! Be sure to check the right size chart for the designer.
Then, have a seamstress take your measurements. After the seamstress takes your measurements, you can order your dress online following the size chart. ”
… …

“My sister bought her dress online from a bridal store and it came out to 500USD as opposed to 1,100USD. It came three months after she bought it. And my friend also bought it from a online store and it came a surprising month after she’d ordered it. Just make sure you have enough time to take it to a seamstress if the dress needs to be slightly adjusted to you.”
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“I found the perfect gown online, and ordered it from there. I love it, and it only needs one alteration. My fiancé’s mother is a seamstress so it will be at no additional cost. If you know your size, and measurements than go ahead. If not, try some similar-styled dresses on at a local shop because many places do not allow returns.”
… …

“I bought my dress online that was made in China. I LOVED it. The price is great. I ordered it 5 months early just in case I didn’t like it and needed to buy another. I received it in about 6 weeks. The train was longer than I had wanted so I had it removed by a seamstress for 30 and it was a little big but that was ok cus it was a corseted style. You can’t beat the price. I refused to spend 1000. on a dress. I am only going to be in it for a 6 hrs. so a reasonable price is more than enough to me. ”
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“I bought mine online. I just had to have it taken in just a tad around my bust area. I liked what I got.”
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