Bottom heavy(wide hip)

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Women who are larger through their hips and buttocks should look for a wedding dress that focuses on their upper body preferably with a full skirt. Show your arms back and bustline. A corset style bodice with lacing will highlight your upper body. We want to draw attention away from your hips. Avoid pleats or gathered fabric around the waist. An A-line skirted wedding dress always works the best.

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Fuller arms

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Off the shoulder straps or sheer fabric is a great wedding dress tip. In solid fabric, usually three-quarter or long sleeve works best to elongate the line of the arm. Sleeves should not be cut tight. Ever!

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Fuller busted(Lager busted)

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If You Are Big Busted, you may wish to stay with elongated bodices and necklines that are V-or U shaped or high with a keyhole yoke. Avoid cinched waists, empire styles that come up high under the bust, and clingy fabrics that accentuate your fullness. Choose instead full, billowing skirts with lots of ornamentation, which will create a curvier lower body. Keep sleeves simple with a natural shoulder line, and avoid adornments on the bodice.

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Narrow Shoulders

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If You Have Narrow Shoulders, drape them with cape collars or capelets. Accentuate them with sleeves that gather at the top, necklines that are bare or widely curved, and shoulder pads built into the dress.

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Broader shoulders

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If You Have Broad Shoulders, look for dresses with smooth set in sleeves, low V necklines or high, covered necks. Avoid puffed or leg of-mutton sleeves, bare necklines, broad collars, haltered tops and shoulder pads.

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Slender Midriff and Waist

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If You Have a Very Slender Midriff and Waist, accentuate your features with a dress featuring a well defined midriff, a gathered or pleated skirt, and a natural or sashed waistline.

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Thick Midriff and Waist

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If You Have a Thick Midriff and Waist, We suggest you to choose the slimming effect of a lifted waistline and A-line skirt. Avoid tight waists, belts and cummerbunds, and shaped midriffs in contrasting colors.

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Fuller waisted

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Princess-line and drop waist wedding dresses are most flattering. Draw the eye up with stunning bridal and wedding accessories. Killer Diamonds will do the trick! Bridal shoes with height may assist.

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Common suggestion for plus size

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Slim  A-Line:Slim A-line: A-line dresses are flattering to the pear shape figure because they highlight the top half of the body and camouflage the lower half. But make sure to keep the skirt on the smaller side as too much volume will add bulk.

Princess Cut:The Princess Cut: Princess Cut dresses have an A-line shape and no seam at the waist, which gives a long, uninterrupted appearance that is extremely flattering. Skirts can range from slim A-lines to full A-lines, but the key is that they begin to flare just below your natural waist, hiding a heavier bottom.

Sleeves and Straps:Sleeves and Straps: Despite the popularity of strapless dresses, many curvy women shy away from them. Designers are responding to this by making more options in necklines. Busty brides often feel most comfortable with a little covering up top. Tank style dresses are very flattering as are cap sleeves and even three-quarter sleeves. One trend that works particularly well is sheer fabrics. Netting and tulle are chic alternatives that provide coverage without drawing attention to the chest area.

V-NecklineA v-neckline on a busty woman can add a beautiful contrasting line

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