Why would I buy a wedding gown online?

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Benefits of buying a wedding gown online:
• More styles to choose.
• More reasonable price.
• You can have a cup of tea as you are searching for your favorite style.
• … … … …

And what’s more?
Listen to what others say:

                                     (All messages bellow are quoted from internet)

“I am planning a wedding on an extremely tight and small budget. I was looking on line and wondering if it was safe to buy a dress from an on-line company. Has any else done it? Do you think it a good idea?”
… …

“I think it is way smart because you can get them much cheaper..I would maybe run a size larger then find an inexpensive seamstress to do the altering for you. You can alter bigger but not smaller.”
… …

“What I did is try on dresses in the shops, and when I found the one, I looked it up on the internet and bought it online, correct size and everything.
Is way better, u can save A LOT.
good luck, and congrats!”
… …

“Buy a gown online is smart. Just try on the styles of dresses that you like so that you will also have the correct size. Then find a reliable online company, Good Luck. ”
… …

“My wife and I were in the same boat as you as far as being tight on finances when we got married. She took a chance and found a BEAUTIFUL wedding dress online. $100!
Didn’t even have to get it altered. Yeah, sounds crazy but totally worked out.”
… …

“Wedding dress sizes are weird. Different designers have different sizing so one designer dress could be a size 2 and but another designer could require you to wear a size 8! Be sure to check the right size chart for the designer.
Then, have a seamstress take your measurements. After the seamstress takes your measurements, you can order your dress online following the size chart. ”
… …

“My sister bought her dress online from a bridal store and it came out to 500USD as opposed to 1,100USD. It came three months after she bought it. And my friend also bought it from a online store and it came a surprising month after she’d ordered it. Just make sure you have enough time to take it to a seamstress if the dress needs to be slightly adjusted to you.”
… …

“I found the perfect gown online, and ordered it from there. I love it, and it only needs one alteration. My fiancé’s mother is a seamstress so it will be at no additional cost. If you know your size, and measurements than go ahead. If not, try some similar-styled dresses on at a local shop because many places do not allow returns.”
… …

“I bought my dress online that was made in China. I LOVED it. The price is great. I ordered it 5 months early just in case I didn’t like it and needed to buy another. I received it in about 6 weeks. The train was longer than I had wanted so I had it removed by a seamstress for 30 and it was a little big but that was ok cus it was a corseted style. You can’t beat the price. I refused to spend 1000. on a dress. I am only going to be in it for a 6 hrs. so a reasonable price is more than enough to me. ”
… …

“I bought mine online. I just had to have it taken in just a tad around my bust area. I liked what I got.”
… …

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How to Preserve my Bridal Gown?

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General attention
Gowns should be stored in a room where the temperature and humidity levels are constant, such as a guest room or spare closet. Never store your dress in the attic or basement where there are extreme changes in temperature and/or humidity. It is best to keep it in a dark (unexposed to sunlight), dry place, folded or rolled in a clean white sheet. Hanging your dress on a hanger is not recommended as it can cause stress to the fabric and create distortion. Do not store your gown in plastic such as a garment bag. Plastic can emit gases that will tend to yellow the fabric. If you decide to remove your gown from the one place to another place, we suggest that cotton gloves should always be worn when handling gowns.

It’s important to note that one of the leading causes of bridal gown yellowing is the plastic bags that many brides keep their gowns in. Most plastics give off damaging fumes that actually promote yellowing. But, even with proper care, some fabrics will yellow more than others and it may be impossible to prevent all yellowing.
Generally, silk fabric yellows more than synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, rayon and acetate. However, nylon, which is a synthetic, has a tendency to yellow more than other synthetic fabrics. Gowns that can be wet cleaned have an advantage, in that if they do yellow, they may be able to be whitened for future use with a fabric whitener.
Preserving your gown in an acid-free environment is your best protection against yellowing. Padding your gown with acid-free tissue will help to prevent acid migration. Buffered tissue should be used for gowns made of synthetic fabrics such as polyester, rayon, and acetate. The buffering agents in the buffered tissue gives added protection against acid migration. But buffering agents may damage gowns made of animal proteins such as silk or wool, therefore un-buffered, acid-free tissue is recommended for silk fabrics

Permanent creasing
Flat storage is recommended for textiles and garments when possible. However, because of the size and dimensions of wedding gowns, it is impractical. Some compromise must be made, either by folding or hanging the gown. To help prevent permanent creasing,.(Cotton gloves should always be worn when handling preserved gowns.) Bagged gowns that are hung in a closet are better.

Mildew and mold
Keeping your gown in a breatheable environment will protect it best from mildew and mold growth. When fabrics can breathe, the humidity level remains constant around the garment as excess moisture dissipates into the air. But, if moisture can condense inside a box or any container, then the gown is at risk for mildew and mold growth.

Oxidation spots
An oxidation spot can occur when a substance that was not properly cleaned on the dress oxidizies and turns brown. This can happen even if your dress has been cleaned as dry-cleaning solvents do not remove all substances. Spills from clear soda or wine may go unnoticed at the time of the initial cleaning. Unless these spills are pretreated, it is likely they will oxidize over time. Inspecting preserved gowns periodically ensures the gown remains in the best condition. The sooner an oxidized stain is caught, the more likely it will be able to be removed.

Light and dust
Keeping your gown covered will protect it from the damage caused by light and dust.

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Can I see a swatch of the color I’m interested in before I order?

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Sorry, for the expensive shipping cost we do not have swatches available to send out to customers.

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How do I place my order in this website?

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You can view the catalog in our website. If you find anything you want to buy just take it to shopping cart and then go check out.

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Can I change the color of the gown or the accent of the gown? How much is the extra charge?

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Yes. You can change the color of the grow. But we recommend you think it over before you make any change of the style or color. It might be different from your imagination, and your gown might be delayed due to the color change because we may do not have that color in stock and will make a special order for you. Please check our color chat and tell us the color number you select and make a special note on the measurement form when you order. In case there is extra charge, we will notify you.

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How long should I order my wedding dress before wedding?

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Please place your order as far as in advance of your wedding date as possible, normally can’t less than 1 month. It also affords you a comfortable time frame to accommodate any alteration if necessary.

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Are you an online bridal store only?

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Yes, all our business is done online and we do not operate any retail bridal store.

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